Nothing Is Quite Right

I thought I would go to the beach today

but when I got there nothing was quite right.

It was too cold for bikinis 

in spite of being August

with bright summer light

it was buttoned up winter there.

So I thought a coffee would be good,

or maybe warming hot chocolate,

but the cafe was topsy turvy,

had tipped over 

on to it’s side

and I couldn’t find a way to get in,

a way to sit down and place my order.

So I walked down the streets

and wondered how long

it would be before they became topsy turvy too.

Or perhaps they’ll stay the right way up, 

I couldn’t say.

I tried to cross the bridge to reach the pink castle,

but it had become the wrong shape 

too steep 

to walk over

and I was disconcerted by the paper shapes 

that were replacing the buildings.

They looked pretty,

I liked them,

but they still weren’t quite right.

Even later, when I woke up

it still looked all wrong

and nothing was ever

quite right 



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