Monday, 15 August 2022

 What Else Should I Say

I unscrambled my thoughts

to text you my love.

It’s the most I can do 

in this strange

distanced year

when there is 

so little new 

to tell you.

It’s inadequate

but what else should I say

when it’s your touch I long for,

your strokes

and caresses

and they’re as un-textable

as you are untouchable.

So what else should I say

only that 

you’re still the one,

it’s still you 

I’m looking for,


Saturday, 13 August 2022

 An Upward Glance

Is that heaven in her eyes

that I can see,

a morsel of paradise

captured in an upward glance

or is she searching

in exasperation,


to find

something better

in the dark mists

of time.

Sunday, 7 August 2022

 The Hedgerow Fairies

Where have they gone,

the hedgerow fairies

in their harebell hats?

I used to see them sitting

under their leafy roofs

stitching their summer dresses

of poppy and mallow petals

with long silk threads

catching the summer sunlight

as the smiling spiders spun.

I miss them so,

the hedgerow fairies

in their harebell hats.

I used to see them collecting

armfuls of meadow sweet

to stuff their nighttime mattresses,

making doorways in their new

toadstool homes with sharp stones.

Maybe they’ve gone underground

to escape the passing cars and tractors.

Maybe they only come out at night now

and stitch and stuff under the moonlight.

I don’t know.

But I miss them so,

the hedgerow fairies

in their harebell h


 Fairy Queen

She wanted to be queen

of the fairies

and live on the top of the tree

displacing the star.

That should belong in the sky,

she thought.

So she picked it up and threw it 


watched it float upwards

to join the other stars.

And then it snowed

starlike snowflakes

which engulfed her

even on the top

of the tree.

 Summer Holidays

We all holidayed  in Britain

when I was a child

and no one swam in the seas.

The water was empty beyond it’s edge

even on the warmest of days.

Parents sat in deckchairs closely packed

wearing overcoats for the wind

and a newspaper hat in case of sun.

Paddling was as adventurous as it got.

Nothing wetter was allowed,

nothing wetter was desired

in that cold, cold water.

Affluence and climate change

changed our traditions.

It was the costas for us now

in clothes purpose made 

for playing splash,

for warm water swimming

and stretching out to sun bathe

on closely packed sun loungers.

Then we’re back in Britain.

Sent home by fear

of infection and contamination

carefully keeping our distance

from each other

as we scurry to British beaches

only to be sent home again

as travelling was not allowed

nor was paddling 

even though the sea is warm,

nor was sun bathing,

or beach games

on the warm sands.

Soon we’ll really feel the heat.

We won’t go anywhere then.

Saturday, 6 August 2022


The darkness is everywhere

but it has had its time.

It thought it would last for ever.

It thought it could cover it’s traces,

but now in it’s last hour 

it’s secret side is emerging uneasily

still ready to cast a shadow

that will add to the mystery

and maybe just

shine a light

inside the depths

to reveal the hidden places

that were obscured.

It’s time is ending

as the sun pierces the sky

revealing what

was hiding. 

Not everything,

not all,

but some things

that were hidden.


 Leaving Home

The van departed

fully loaded.

The last seconds

of my last hour there


I stood there 

empty handed

and took a final look round

the house 

I’d once been happy there.

I felt empty now,

like the house,

empty rooms

and faded dreams.

I was on my own now,

going solo.

I walked briskly away.

I didn’t look back.

 Doing Nothing

If happiness is doing nothing

lie back and enjoy it.

Watch the rush 

to earn more.

Watch the rush

to spend more.


from your window

or read about it

or dream about it.

Lie back and enjoy it

while the moment lasts.

It’s the last hour that will

turn your nightmares into dreams.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

 Re Reading Old Words

Once again I’m re-reading old words

rereading them

over and over again

like comfort eating

to avoid the shock

of the new.



like an album of old photographs

of people locked in their past

still located there

living there


history in a flash

gone in a flash

brought back

to life


renewed on a treadmill


round and round

on a loop



returning like old clothes 

kept for comfort 

to be worn again

like re-read words. 

The new rejected


shut out

so I can languish

in the comfort

zone of the old

dead words

for ever.


See how they shine,

hair sprayed and polished,

lips glossed,

sequinned gowns shimmering

like sapphire stardust

to march their sparkling eyes.

But I wonder,

if you peel them 

like the ripe fruit they seem,

will you find

lusciousness inside

or only dry flesh

and a dusty kernel,

no stars or sapphires,

only dust that’s lost its glitter.

That’s when you’ll know

it was all just art.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

Friday, 29 July 2022

 City Lights

I’d walked down the street many times

in both day time and night time

and not noticed them.

I’d driven down there many times

in both day time and night time

and not noticed them.

But something seen so often may become unseen

without a new perspective,

a new dimension.

And tonight I climbed higher

to see the street from above.

A mosaic lay below me, 

a city of squares.


where there

were no squares


Squares of light


like an art installation,

broken and fragmented

making the ordinary

into extraordinary.

Monday, 25 July 2022

 Seeing All

I can see you.

I’m not blinded 

by your fine words

or the fancy dress 

of your masquerade.

But even the blind can see 

through you.

In time there’ll be pennies for my eyes

but they’re open now and missing nothing.

I know you want to hide from me,

would have me cover my eyes

with my hands

or stitch them up

to make me sightless

as death.

But it won’t work.

I’ll look between the stitches

sneak a peek through my parted fingers.

And even the blinded can see

through you.


comes only with death.

Until then

we all can see


Friday, 22 July 2022


There are clouded spaces

so dark I can’t see into them.

I have always been afraid

that monstrous beings

may lurk there,


But now that the cloud

is lifting, moving away,

I am even more afraid,

afraid of the light


it may reveal

the bare boards.

 In The Rocks

It was a small gap
in the rocks
dry and bare
for a time
in waiting,
for the tide
to turn
and the sea
to wash through
to leave it
not quite dry;

a trickle
of salt water
left behind,
salt tears
running down a face,
pooling below
full of life
full of creatures
brought back to life.
Tears can sometimes do that

Monday, 18 July 2022


The crack became a slash

almost splitting her in two.

She could have sought help,

could have driven to heal it,

But after a while she quite liked it.

It had become part of her

and she felt it became her

and who knew what would emerge 

to wriggle 

and squeeze

though the gap.