Sunday 30 July 2023


Soon the light will be fading

and the crows are circling

like winged messengers,

a cawing cacophony, 

harbingers of death 

and confusion.

We try to make sense 

of our once familiar place

searching in vain for the water

which we know we must find

and cross.


for something, 


to give us a bearing,

to help us find the river

in this dreamscape

of another world.

But perhaps 

we have already crossed over.

Saturday 29 July 2023



up tight


seeing straight ahead

into the dark





loosen up 

see the blue behind.



loosen up.

You can see it now

if you look.

You can feel 

the brightness

that lay hidden.




reveal all.

You’ll feel better for it.

Thursday 27 July 2023

 Waiting For Rainbows

Hardly a moment ago

the sun was shining

and we were singing

our summertime welcome.

Life was good and getting better.

The future looked bright as the sky.

Now the dark clouds

have appeared

and brought

drizzly rain.

So the music must stop

and we must take shelter

as best we can

to wait for the rainbows.

Wait for the sun

to bring us rainbows.

and hope 

that the darkness

will not last


 When The Tide Turns

We will wait for the tide to turn.

It will carry us away

wave after wave

gathering up the debris 

which surrounds us

sucking it up like so much dust

everything going

with the flow.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

 Ginger Beer

Back in the day he was famous 

for his hash cakes with ginger bread.

Stoned was an overrated condition,

it needed spicing up a bit, he said.

Too many turgid conversations

and drowsy dancing.

Ginger’s the thing, he said.

to liven things up.

Later he got into home brew.

Try some of this, he said

offering a beery mug full.

Well, I thought

I’d be a mug

not to have a go,

no worries,

no stress,

everything natural,

everything herbal

suitable for vegans,

only the best,

best by the mugful,

he said.

Mugwort and ginger,

the best of the best.

Tuesday 25 July 2023


I cut the marguerites from the garden

and placed them in a vase.

They stood there twisting and turning

this way and that.

I placed my glass carefully

well out of range of their gold dust filled heads

I spoke to them sternly,

“don’t you dare drop your pollen in my wine!”

They seemed to hang their heads

in contemplation

except for one.

She turned her dainty daisy head

with great deliberation

and nodded

so that a shower

of bright yellow pollen

floated like sprinkled gold

onto my red wine.

It left a bitter taste.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

 Mellow Yellow

I’ve never been mad about saffron,

or turmeric, come to that

and the colour yellow

doesn’t suit me,

makes me look


washed out,

or so I think.

I like the colour though,

love daffodils

and buttercups,

even dandelions,

so I could celebrate them

by wearing it concealed.

But no one would know if they couldn’t see

so I don’t do that.

Instead it graces my kitchen walls.

There it’s timeless,

part of the kitchen

in every place I’ve lived

from back then to eternity.

Monday 17 July 2023


It was still his favourite toy,

that robot with the flashing eyes,

a birthday present when he was only five.

He called it James,

he couldn’t say why.

He didn’t know a James

so he was pleased to be original.

There was a lever called a joystick

because it brought him joy

and gave him perfect control.

Back and forth, round in circles,

blinking and winking away.

He called all the shots.

Now he’s grown up,

almost nine

and James is feeling his age

(yes, of course he can feel)

so his movements are slower

and his lights less bright and sparkly.

Age has undermined his splendour,

it happens,

he knew it would.

The joystick is a bit wonky

so control is imperfect

but it doesn’t matter,

the joy is the same.

James is still James

and will be forever.

Sunday 16 July 2023


It’s the need to possess

that baffles me,

the need to own 


of no decorative

or use value,


destined to become 


sooner or later,

passive playthings

out of their time

moved on

into a time

when even the box,

it’s wrapping

and ribbons

fails to excite



destined to become 


sooner or later.

Ever sooner

as time



Saturday 15 July 2023

 Motherly Love

I have spent a lifetime 

trying to break away,

trying to break out, 

trying to find myself.

Always on the edge,

always on the outside,

not quite a part,

of it, not quite 

a beatnik,

or a mod, 

hippy, or 


I was early to realise that

what she wanted me to be

was what she had wanted 

for herself, about her, not me.

I wanted to escape such love.

I thought I could escape.

I thought I had escaped.

And I did, surely I did



of it.

But not all.

Not enough.

So even now I feel tethered.

After all this time of leaving

her behind, 

I remain 


of my