Monday, 29 February 2016

Dawn Chorus

It starts with one.
One skylark singing.
One Carson warning.
Then the robins and blackbirds join in. 
The early birds, like Carson.
Then the wrens and warblers
as the daylight warms them.
Can you hear them?
The warning calls are warming up as well,
strengthening their numbers 
as the bird song
dies away.
Can you hear them?
Don’t sleep.
Don’t wait
to hear 

the silence.

Friday, 26 February 2016

My Bag

I have a lifetime of projects,
that I carry round in a plastic bag.
A paper bag would be better
but plastic is more durable.
And it needs to be.
It has had to last a lifetime,
my bag.

A lifetime of ideas,
doings and sayings
carefully annotated and stored
for use sometime later.
To be finished, or started
sometime later.

I can add an idea,
capture a thought,
write it down,
so it will be there,
in my bag.

It's getting heavy
my bag.
Who would have thought 
that dreams
could be so heavy,
even encased in paper.

It's getting full
my bag.
So is my life empty
with everything on the inside.
Perhaps now it’s time 
to start emptying it out.
Slowly though.
One at a time, 
and with care.

It's getting late.
But not too late,
I hope,
to empty my bag.