Another Country

Their move to north Wales didn’t go to plan.

It was so different from the south of England

and the house, bought in a phone call was not as she expected.

There was so much she hadn’t been told over the phone,

and so much more she had forgotten to ask.

There were more leaks than expected,

but she had expected a bathroom,

however basic

and even the old toilet outside 

didn’t work.

There was a lot to think of

a lot to sort out

in their new home

in this new place, 

in a new country

where she knew no one.

So, she could be forgiven 

for forgetting

to warn him.

She picked him up eagerly

after his first morning in school.

“Was it good?“ she asked.

“Were the other children nice,

did you have fun?”

“It was great, Mum,” he answered.

She sighed with relief.

Something had gone right.

“There was one thing 

that was really strange 


She looked up alarmed.

“Oh no, what was that!?”

“They all spoke French!”

he said.


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