Wednesday, 1 December 2021

 The Earth Is Broken

 A Not So Still Life

What a strange tableau,

a still life 



in a dream.

The birds flew over

and looked down on it,

but there was no place for them 

to hang out,

to roost, 

to dream.

So they didn’t care about the dust motes

escaping into the sunlight

floating like fairy dust

getting themselves organised

to follow their dream.

Did they escape

from the jar?



the bull is wondering 

if they were ever inside

and the birds don’t care as usual,

hardly notice her dog emerging 

from the mist to inspect them. 

Unmistakably her dog

just more amorphous than usual.

It doesn’t look inclined to chase the motes

or stick it’s head inside the loop they’re making.

But the birds don’t care as usual.

 An Ordinary Moon

It’s an ordinary moon. 

Not special

like a harvest moon 

or a blood moon

or a pink moon in April.

It’s not even full.

It doesn’t have to be.

The tides still obey it

and when it shines 

through the clouds

it lights me up.

Is that ordinary

that mystic moonlight?

 Only Dream Harder

If you dream hard enough

you’ll find castles in the air,

or build them.

If you dream hard enough

you’ll find secret cities 

under the waves

ruled over by a fishy king

with his beady eye on you

as you walk on by.

If you dream hard enough

you’ll find unicorns

and ride them across the desert

to discover lost oases hidden there

amongst ancient cities 

once in ruins

now recast 

in shimmering perfection

by harsh sunlight.

If you dreamer harder 

you’ll rise above the waves of sand

which threaten to engulf you,

float in the sunlight

instead of being buried 

head first.

It’s all possible

if you only dream harder.

Tuesday, 30 November 2021

 Coming Through

We used to head out from our homes 

to explore what remained 

of the countryside,

to walk in the lanes

and through the wood

hoping to leave the darkness behind

and push ourselves upwards and onwards

into the light.

Now you’re following us

making a new pathway

all the way through

to the river

where the golden glow of sunlight 

will seek you out

as it passes 


the wood.

Now we have all come through

and are ready to cross over the river 

into the light.

Monday, 29 November 2021


Hold the moon carefully,

it’s very fragile

so easily broken 

by the human touch

just like the earth was broken,

just like the earth is broken

by that same touch.

Perhaps the world ends here

its tears falling like autumn leaves


to its end 

with a whimper.

Thursday, 25 November 2021


I didn’t spoil easily,

not even as a child

I took the treats in my stride

and resisted my mother’s attempts

to mould me in her image.
I knew it would ruin me,

arrest my development,

curtail my growth,

my flowering.

So I was ready for you 

when you tried.

You tried.

But by then

I knew who I was

and there was nothing you could do 

about it.