Thursday 31 August 2023

 Balancing Act

Give me a sign

a totem

to let me know

if I’m welcome here.

Or if I’m like rubbish

piled up



but still


itself Art.

Tell me.

Make it clear.

Tell me

what you feel.


Confession is such

a balancing act


life and Art.

Saturday 26 August 2023


She’s standing on the beach

with a small suitcase.

It’s unclear

if the suitcase is full 

or empty.

Once she packed it full 

of her dreams, 

but it’s unclear

if any remain.

She thinks now

that they were built on sand,

sandcastles on the beach

to be carried away

on a storm tide,

or washed up 

and buried 

in the sand.

All that is clear

is the emptiness 

of a long horizon.

Friday 25 August 2023

 Beauty Parlour

Step inside my parlour,

my pampering parlour

and you will be remade, 



and smoothed,

petted and prodded,

cosseted and curled,

given the attention you deserve

as well as a new face

and shiny new hair.

In Pampers Parlour we’ll recreate you

reboot your confidence

and give you a new chemistry

as we gloss your hair and lips.

As we shape your face

with new shadows and glows.

As we apply layer upon layer

of chemical shit topped by

nose retching fragrances.

You won’t know yourself when 

you step outside 

dolled up to perfection,

protected in your new mask.

And what then?

Will you go home 

and comb it all out

and wash it all off,


after all, 

the person,

with the old skin

and fresh air colour

to the new robotic doll.

The pampers product is 

designed to be disposable, 

after all.

Or will you keep it 

as long as you can..

Try not to move your new face.

Try not to upset your new hair.

Place a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign

on your forehead.

Keep it as long as you can.

Even if stinky and crusty,

you’ll still have your face on.

You feel 

so bland,

so pale,

so wan,


without it

on the journey back

to the beauty parlour.

Thursday 24 August 2023

 Mr Taylor

Probably a polar bear was not a good choice

for my first attempt at whittling. 

A hamster would have been simpler

and avoided the multiple leg fractures..

“Don’t worry girl, no problem”, Mr Taylor said,

when I showed it to him.

“Leave it to me. 

Bit o plastic wood, 

That’ll soon sort it”

and it did.

The tail was more challenging.

But all was not lost, just the tail,

and I managed to convince the Examiner

that polar bears don’t have tails.

Maybe they don’t.

I’m no expert.

I progressed slowly, and probably 

a rocking elephant was not the best choice

for my Final Piece.

There was a lot to cut out,

a lot of curvy bits.

The huge electric saw bench

loomed ominously in the corner.

“Don’t you go near that, girl”

cried Mr Taylor if I glanced in it’s direction.

“Here, give it here, 

Leave it to me. 

There you are.

Now just a bit o plastic wood...”

And then disaster!

Someone stole the rockers.

Who the fuck would steal my rockers?

They never rocked very well,

but even so, they were better than nothing.

And Mr Taylor was hard pressed 

to make new ones 

in time for the exam,

even with multiple,

“No problem, don’t worry, girl”s, 

I was concerned.

But in the end

we both passed.

Tuesday 22 August 2023

 For Nina

Stand up and be counted

frolic in the grass

tell it like it is

with no half measures



if you want to


live as you wish

to be remembered.

Sunday 20 August 2023

 All That Glitter

It glitters

like gold.

But is it


or base


being worked on

by an alchemist..




with a touch

of magic,

with an elixir

of immortality,

an illusion.

Or perhaps

base oil




plastic glitter


all too real





everlasting life,

all that glitter.

 Lest We Forget

We think you can see us,

you know who we are 

behind our masks

Not everything is hidden.

We are not hidden.

We are out 

in the open

in plain sight

even if masked.

So join us for a snack,

a glass of wine,

a coffee.


Take a sip with us

lest we forget

what to do

when we go outside.

Step back in time

one taste at a time,

one sip at a time.


the first time 

is always challenging

and won’t ever be forgotten.


As we will remember

the ones behind the masks

and the ones in hiding,

the ones we know are there

but cannot see.

We know who you are.

No one is forgotten.

Nothing is forgotten.

That’s our promise

one sip at a time.

 Wishing And Hoping

The pool was clear and deep.

The children peered over the age

to see the coins glistening on the bottom.

They wondered what wishes had been made

and if any had come true

but no one could know.

No one would tell

them their wish

as they waited

to watch the coin

fall into the cascade

down into the wild white spume

and then into the clear pool below

where it would stay glistening for ever

feeling only the force of water.

All those secret wishes

revealing nothing

lying there