Decayed Splendour

The hotel reflected the decayed splendour of the street,


that its building was no longer decaying but restored

to its original splendour with all the further additions 

expected by 21st century tourists.

The jury was still out, amongst the staff at least,

whether Russian or Chinese money 

was responsible for the transformation.

It had to boost the local economy though, 


And through the window local life went on.

We could view it all and imagine ourselves part of it

at our safe distance from the scruffy street.

And the money we were spending

on our drinks and trips and souvenirs,

it must be good for the local economy



the boy down there already has a cool haircut

which couldn’t have come cheap 

so he must have a good job,

although he doesn’t look old enough to work.

Probably older than he looks though

and with a bright future.

The waiter said he was a rent boy.

The reception staff agreed.

Children were in demand

in this booming economy

just waiting for business

just waiting for tourists.


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