The Local

Jimmy was almost a local,

a temporary work contract 

put him in the hotel bar

most nights.

“Try the little pub by me,”

I said,

“my neighbour works there,

it’s really cosy,

sometimes has music,

but be careful

legend has it

you can get stoned just

by standing outside

and breathing!”

A few days later my neighbour said,

“You won’t believe it! 

Under cover guy in here last night

we had to take evasive action!

Out here it the middle of nowhere

who’d believe it

full uniform

as well,

leather jacket,

not quite tight enough jeans…

Must think we’re daft not to clock him!”

Jimmy was looking glum

next time I saw him.

“Tried your local”, he said.

“Strange place,

soon as I walked in

the all the bar staff disappeared

and none of the locals 

would speak to me”.

He shook his head in wonder

as he dropped his change

into the pocket of his leather jacket

and morosely hitched up his jeans.


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