The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

They all said the same,

that the light 

at the end 

of the tunnel

had been switched off.

She didn’t believe it.

Who would do such a thing?

So she went in search of it

wended her way along

the long dark tunnel

until she saw it

just a speck at first,

a glimmer of




from the outside in

while leaving the dark


Perhaps they were right

someone had turned it off 


She scrambled up towards

to the end of the tunnel

and searched for the switch.

She found it

turned it on

and then 

all was bathed in light

flooded with bright white light

but still she saw nothing

nothing hopeful

just emptiness

bathed in light,

in blinding light

so bright

so blinding 

she fell back


into the dark

into the emptiness of the dark.

She left the light on.


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