Did You See My Father?

You can see how small I am,

my mask is my protection

my only protection 

self protection.

I’m not like you

with your head to toe suiting,

your visors, your helmets, 

your shields

and sticks.

I have only my mask.

But it keeps me safe 

from contamination.

And if I’m contaminated,

it keeps others safe from me.

That’s what my mother says.

My father says the same

but I don’t know where he is now.

He went towards the square

where you’ve come from

where history repeats itself,

that’s what he said.

Did you see him there?

He looks a lot like me,

a mask is his protection

his only protection

self protection

keeping him safe

from contamination.

Did you see him there and protect him

He had only his mask for protection

and it may not be enough 

if the sticks start hitting

and the bullets start flying 

to stop the contamination

to halt the spread,

to give protection

or self protection

as history plays its old game.

I’m not sure how to stay safe now

not sure if a mask is enough.

Did you see my father?



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