Frankenstein Re-Created

It was a childhood hobby

carried out first 

on the kitchen table

then in his room,

his shed,

his workshop.

He left childhood behind

but never moved on from his hobby.

Meccano and Leggo had their time

but Frankie left them behind

and began his collection

of bits and pieces

that might be useful

a bit of wood or metal,

plastic, nails, screws, rivets, wire,

Frankie kept them all

for his creations

his men and machines.

The boats and planes and trains

had had their time long ago.

Now it was the human form for him,

not the outer veneer

but what lies under the skin.

He studied the complex joints

and carefully fitted their metal muscles

and wired them with nerve-like fibres.

All that was needed now was the skin.

Carefully Frankie began to put it in place.

Soon his creation would raise its head 

and open its eyes,

then it would be ready,

ready to go.


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