We have all lost our loves

and revelled in our misery

while longing for oblivion and release

and the hopeful terror of reliving.

We may have experienced the distraction of birds 

tapping at a window or fluttering sootily down a chimney

to enter a room like an uninvited saviour or demon

and worried and fretted as we try to discern

which is witch. 

I would like to believe Poe

but can the raven

really call ‘nevermore’.

I have heard many a ‘caw’ from the crows

and ‘jack’ from the jackdaws.

And I have heard many a raven call,

but never a


‘Never say never’ says Poe.

But ‘naw’, say the crows.

‘Cack’, say the jackdaws.


never a




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