Blue skies, blue sea,

a day of sparkling sunshine,

with a shimmering horizon.

And then, out of this blue,


smiling sadly with your lovely blue eyes.

I knew you from the back, you said,

the cut of your hair, your bright blue mac.

I wanted to see your face again,

it’s only fair, you’ve seen mine.

You must have done,

me, being who I am.

I wanted to smell your clean hair smell.

So I took a chance, and here I am.

I wanted to 

abate the sadness.

I nodded. Yes. 

I know it’s true.

It’s all been said 

and we won’t be sad. 

No blue moods

on this bright blue day 

of smiling sunshine.

We’ll go together now, 

for now 

and be glad.

After all, 

one way or another, 

everything will end

in tears, I said,

So let’s take our now time

and chance the rest.


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