Leading the Way

The male will always lead,

so it’s been said,

a flamboyant rooster

strutting his stuff

while the fluffy bird-brained 

females dutifully follow,

so it’s been said.

But, we say no

not here,

not now.

We’ll only follow

where we want to go.

We’ll let him stride on ahead,

strutting his stuff,

and make a diversion

for a little of what we fancy.

We’ll scratch up a juicy morsel here,

reach out to catch a flighty creature there.

We’ll have a nibble of this and a nibble of that.

And he won’t know,

he never looks back, 

we know

so we’ll chuckle away

to ourselves

while he strides on alone,


strutting his stuff

thinking he’s leading.

We won’t be watching.

We won’t be following.

We’ll make out own way.

We’ll stray.



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