Into The Light

I’m living through the time

of night without end.

The time when everywhere is transformed

into the underworld.

When everywhere is transformed 

into that dark place,

deathly dark.

Only the dark gods 

and the creatures of death can live there,

those who need no further sustenance,

who gave up on the light above.

I won’t give up.

I’m ready for the birth of a new day.

Ready for a pink dawn to rise

and break

full of possibilities,

as the light takes 

over from the dark

and the day is born


I shall follow the road towards the light,

and leave the dark behind,


But I have found that the dark always follows.

Catches up with me, as if it were the past.

If I hurry maybe I’ll escape it this time.

Maybe I’ll catch the light

and hold on to it and

not let it break



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