Too Far Out
Like Stevie’s young man,
I was too far out
much too far out
and not waving
I didn’t want the attention
waving would draw
to my foolishness
or precociousness
or my stubbornness
when I’d gone too far,
wouldn’t want to be judged
on my waywardness.
But I wasn’t drowning.
I floundered a bit
I found I could float,
go with the flow
for a while
and then kick off against the current
in my own direction.
Sometimes I reached the safety
of the shore
and stayed close for a while
but only for a while,
only for a while
I stayed
too far out all my life
but not waving or drowning.

Notes from the EditorCover Art: by Darrell Urban Black, featured artistPage 1: Hugh Anderson Louise Ba


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