Bourgas to Varna

In the days when East was east and West was west

we were travelling in Bulgaria

and wanted to go from Bourgas to Varna.

So we bought a bus ticket from the office in town.

and helpful locals directed us to the bus station.

But once there we were lost

and searched in vain for the bus stop.

We asked and asked,

showed everyone the ticket

but no one could help.

Many pointed to the office nearby.

But we already had a ticket

for the correct date and time.

We were lost beyond our understanding.

And then

there was a sound,

a sound of ship’s hooter

and we were surrounded by people

making running movements with their hands.

So that was how we missed the boat,

missed the last boat of the day,

missed the last boat of the year.

We never did make it to Varna.



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