The Killing Holiday

Genocide Joe

is strutting

his stuff

getting ready

to deliver 

for Christmas.

Santa came early 

to the north, as he does

and now his sack’s laden 

and he’s moving south 

playing toy soldiers 

with real missiles and bombs.

For children alone

and families fleeing terror 

the bombs make a carpet

of what once were homes.

The tanks crush out lives

there’s no where to go,

no where to hide

for the starved 

and the maimed

they’ll remember this Christmas

from Genocide Joe.

Armed to the gums

their neighbours afraid

helpless and hating

and hate breeding hate

and more hate breeds power

for the fear of today is the might of tomorrow.

Some history is made by these Santas of War

and more history is made by new Masters of War

and both the living and dead will judge Genocide Joe.


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