Old Reds

Molly was a red,

her politics even redder than her hair.

She met in the city centre pub

every Tuesday night

with the three Tommys,

a Gramscian Tommy,

a New

and of  course, 

Tommy the Trot.

Every Tuesday night

they met and argued

about the Spanish Civil War.

They’d been doing it for years,

decades in fact

every Tuesday night

their voices undiminished by age

growing louder and louder

as the Guinness worked it’s magic

spilling over a little as fists banged the table

every Tuesday night.

But the new Landlady was no respecter of age,

“Youse come in here disturbing the peace again

next Tuesday and yer all banned”, she cried!

“Well”, said Molly ,“that’s not very comradely!”


at last they all agreed.

For Molly Sayle and Tommy Doran



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