The Fishermen

The wall ran all along one side of the bay,

steps up from the port at one end,

down to the beach at the other.

I climbed up the steps

and looked over.

So many fish.

Huge fish.

Swirling silver moons in a day blue sky.

A net would have scooped them up 

and broken with the weight.

The fishermen were there with their rods set up,

like the fish almost touching, 

so many and so close, 


parallel black lines against the sky

like a blue print for lunch provision.

I walked down the steps to the beach.

Few people were there so early.

Morning was the fisherman’s time 

of day,

not the sunbather’s.

I went back along the wall 

when the fishermen were packing up,

heading home for lunch.

Carrying their fish,

I thought. 

But no,

it was a delusion

to imagine 

they would eat fish for dinner.

Not those fish, anyway.

All were returned to the sea.

Such is the sport of the fisherman.


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