Still Searching

Angel came down 

from heaven to earth.

It was part of her

once in a lifetime tour

of the earth’s solar system.

She chose to visit the earth first

as word was that it was the most beautiful,

so beautiful that it had been the model

for the paradise that was heaven.

She had never really believed it

some things just weren’t believable,

like heaven, few people believed in it


she found

even fewer

believed in paradise

whether earthly or heavenly.

Angel realised that she didn’t believe in it either.

She believed in herself though,

believed in the angels.

She met quite a few

on her travels,

she told me so.

I told her how pleased I was to meet her,

how glad I was that I’d believed in her,

how sorry I was that she had to leave

before she found paradise.

But that’s life.

I waved her goodbye

as she mounted her unicorn

and rode away, still searching.


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