Being And Nothingness

If all the world is a stage

then nothing is happening

in this theatre of the absurd.

Nothingness is being played out now

the gods have lost control

of the merry go round

and freedom reigns

in a world 

where gods are meaningless

as Santa in summer

or stars in the sea.

They have walk on parts 

to give the audience a laugh

but nothing to say anymore.

Meaninglessness raises a laugh.

They can’t work it out

so it must be funny



what remains

but to

look around the stalls

and the circle

and the gods

to see 

what that company

of actors,

that company of strangers

make of it.

They’re looking at each other

searching for something

to make sense 

of what’s happening on stage,

of what’s happening in life

now the merry go round has stopped turning

and there is no meaning,

no purpose



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