The Hunger Of War

They’re piling up

or splayed out

on streets

body after body



or ill advisedly


in haste

and heroism

their meat is needed

to feed the hunger.

It’s piling up

the rubble of lives

in flames


by weapons

and more weapons

the tears of the displaced 

are not enough

to douse them

so they leave,

when they can,

a low priority

as there’s no meat on them 

the women, children and elderly.

But the meaty men must stay

to fight like soldiers

to the death

and be spat out

with screaming shells

and fear.

And their screams die with them 

as victory comes closer

it is said

day after day

it is said

as the leaders scream

“no surrender”

victory will be theirs

when the hunger is sated.

More weapons

more bodies

more lives

in flames 

to feed

the insatiable
hunger of war.


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