Rise And Fall

We thought we’d fixed it

buried the monster with a stake through it’s heart

so it could never rise again,

created something better

with our blood and sweat and tears.

We’d seen the rain wash away all the traces.

We’d seen the sun come out.

We’d seen the colours of laughter in the streets.

We’d thought it would stay there for ever.

But we were wrong

the monster was not dead

just lying dormant

it’s heart still throbbing



out the rotten stake.

And now there’s no laughter in streets

full of grey people

carrying grey umbrellas

knowing that it’s raining again

washing away the sunshine this time,

waiting for the blood to flow.

And here am I

re-reading the old words

re-living the old times

re-viewing the album 

of old photographs

of people locked in their past

forced to live there again

history gone in a flash




placing us on a treadmill

taking us back

to the beginning 

to start over

as the clouds gather

and the rain starts to fall.



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