A Plastic Pandemic

Looking back to 1969 the words seem prophetic

“He’s got a plastic heart, plastic teeth and toes,

plastic knees and a perfect plastic nose.

He’s got plastic lips that hide his plastic teeth and gums”..

so sang the Kinks then about their plastic man.

Now in the twenty-first century it seems he’s here

as plastics ingested from our food,

and inhaled in from the air we breath

are becoming part of our bodies,

part of ourselves

to be inherited 

by our children.

We’ve filled every hole in the ground

with our plastic waste, our plastic excesses

and soon the sea will be transformed into plastic land

Now we re-cycle it by the shipload from rich places to poor,

to places where the people don’t matter,

where “plastic man don’t feel no pain”.

There we dump it on the newly plasticised people 

in the plastic land we’ve created for them.



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