Scorpio’s Secrets

I’ve kept our secrets a long time, 

the mystery of our passion

and, ever resourceful, 

I stored them

deep in the watery underworld.

But now I’ve forgotten 


they were buried

and my crabby comrades are long gone.

Their hard shells tell me nothing,

perhaps they never did,

but they was guarded by Pluto

to make sure they were safe.

We had a deal then,

back in the days 

when I thought him reliable

now I’m not sure

if I can trust him.

Perhaps he’s already dug them up,

he wouldn’t want them to rest in peace

but I won’t know till I find him,

if I can find him,

and when I do 

their resting place

will remain

my secret.

I’ve already lost our passion,

it’s buried for ever.

And now it’s ended

I shall transform myself,

become a hermit,

give up my hard shell

keep myself secret,

I need no one else

to judge me.


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