Flight Of Fancy

Fly with me my fancy man

and I’ll take you to places 

that you haven’t been,

but only if that’s what you fancy.

We’ll flit over mountains flapping our wings 

on our magical flight of fancy.

We’ll hover above cities of silver and gold,

and stopover wherever we fancy.

Come fly with me, my fancy man,

and find a little of what you fancy.

But hold on tight as we climb up

close to the sun, then go 

sliding down moonbeams

avoiding the planets, way over the spires

and the earth towers, over the clouds,

right out of the rain showers.

There’s no plain sailing for us in my fancies.

Then hold on tight as we start speeding down, 

down under the clouds in our fancy

we’re still tripping the light fantastic.

But we’re frantic to find our fantasy land

at the end of our flight of fancy.




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