Wednesday, 24 February 2021

 Home Coming

I think that today

will be my home coming day.

The day I’ve been waiting for,

when I’ll come back.

to where I came from.


to here, where I belong.

Even though,

I was never here before,

never in this place,

never with this person.

I know I’m home.

I can feel it.

And know I will stay

and that it

and you

will stay

with me.

I must go outside sometimes,

leave sometimes,

of course I must.

But I’m floating free

and I will take it all with me.

It has become

part of my being,

so I can’t move away.

Can’t separate us.

This place and this person,

have engulfed me.

Surrounded me in sweetness

and brought me back

from wherever I was,

Brought me home,

made me complete,

but still free floating,

carrying them with me


It’s the day I’ve been waiting for.

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