The Circus of My Dreams

In the circus of my dreams

the unicorns are are prancing, rearing up,

flashing their rain-bowed hooves,

pointing with their golden horns,

with their unique golden horns.

Then, ridden by Leprechauns, 

they’re dancing round and round

the circle of the ring.

Kicking up the gold dust ground 

from their droppings into

shimmering sawdust.

In the circus of my dreams

there is a rainbow.

A rainbow that has painted 

their hooves with it’s light

as they climbed their way up

and slid their way down

to the crock of gold at the end.

Time for the little people to dismount

and mould the gold into hearts of love.

Time for the unicorns to use the gold

to nurture and replenish

their golden horns, their unique

golden horns.


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