Dangerous Places

Balconies are dangerous places
especially for children.
The rails may be low,
and it’s so easy to take a tumble.

So a mother watches always alert.

Balconies are dangerous places
too reminiscent of climbing frames
shouting out ‘climb me, yes you can!’
But it’s so easy to fall.

A mother must always stay alert.

And children are precocious with no sense
of danger
no fear
of falling.
They know daddy always catches them.
But daddy is no longer there.
She looked away and he became one of the fallen.

A mother must always be alert.
Anyone can take a fall.


Ekphrastic Writing Responses: Berthe Morisot Guest Editor’s note: A big thank you to editor Lorette C. Luzajic for trusting me to step into her shoes for this challenge. I also wish to thank...


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