Sunday, 2 February 2020

Walled Up
They usually left something behind,
the builders who finished the job,
something hidden in the walls
something that had been
part of their life
a mark made
a bottle
from a lunchtime brew
a crusty remnant of a meal
or something more poignant
that would protect the house
that would protect their work
bring luck to those following.
Old shoes were popular
because the spirits of children were stronger
though any shoe would do at a pinch.
But this builder needed his,
he had none to spare
now his work was done.
So he left behind his glove
the one that he’d worn
to protect his hand
from the rough.
A hand shoe,
as good as a foot shoe
he must have thought.
He knew that tools were popular
but he had none to spare
now his work was done
his tools were for sale.
So he left behind screws
two screws
two new screws.
He thought it an appropriate leaving
for one who had been
well and truly screwed.
He hoped that
those who came after would understand
as he walled up his skills.
He hoped that
he could bring them better luck than he’d had
as he walled up his dreams.

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