Friday, 19 July 2019

After Time
“I’m late,
I’m late again”,
said the White Rabbit
staring at his pocket watch
with exasperation.
He turned the minute hand back a little
and perused the new time
with satisfaction.
He knew the effect would be limited
unless he could turn back the hands
on all the clocks everywhere,
but it made him feel better
He had pondered this issue of time
many times.
He knew that clocks and watches were irrelevant
to it’s passing,
which made him feel better
about his manipulation.
Philosophically speaking,
he knew that he could change the time.
He could break the watch and freeze it.
Break all the wheels that turned inside.
Smash them to smithereens.
But even then,
even when
he knew
the wheels of time
keep turning, time after time.

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