It’s pleasant enough 
wandering these pathways
flanked by the tall rectangular cages, 
each protected by a steel door
with a security code.

Even pleasanter later, 
when the cages become 
walled enclosures of decorative brick, 
surrounding green spaces.
Intricate metal gates protect them
with a security code.

Occasionally a creature may emerge,
sometimes with barred teeth
and raised claws.
But mostly looking sad 
and out of condition.
Lost inside themselves.
Poor things.
Lost souls

Mostly though, I encounter them outside.
Moving purposefully to a destination,
not free to take random pathways, like me.
Or desperately heading back to their cages,
hoping there is no diversion 
which may leave them lost.
Leave them to encounter the
terror of the unforeseen
that might arise
from freedom.
to be lost.

Poor things.
Lost souls
in or out 
of their


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