Car, train, plane or ship.
It's your choice when
you visit the green fields 
of France or Belgium.
And you can stay close or take 
an optional excursion.
It's your choice.
Well, there's money to be made. 
And you'll be moved to marvel 
at the spectacle of it all
stretched out before you.
The bright green fields over fed 
with mashed body parts and blood 
sucked out by vampires' fangs.
Look, see the white teeth crossed
in their rows upon rows
and stand proud with respect.
Snap, snap,
click, click.
Take a few pics
to join to join those of 
last year's beaches, cathedrals 
and other art installations.                                                                                
lest you forget.
Respect them in their death                                                                                                                                                                                         
the ones who died                                                                                             
for whatever the country.
Respect them in death,
The yes sir, no sirs
of war and of peace.
The ones with no choices.
Remember them.
And remember the vampires.
They’re living still,
as vampires will.
Sucking the blood,
stirring the pot
and making the money.


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