The music of my youth still sings to me.
Inside my head it still plays Dylan and Baez
as part of our song, our time, our places. 
Subversive music, coming from the streets.
Out of tune with the surround sound monotone.
Undermining it with a discordant challenge.

Harmony and discord, 
the songs of peace and love
sitting side by side with war and revolution.
Then as now they still speak to us, 
still sing in tune
The lyrical passion of the words, 
the movement music of  the songs, 
has crossed our time and space.
Melodies of movement 
which still can break our boundaries
and join us back together.
Moving rhythms which still excite
and words which dance for us.

These moving patterns on a page,
have make different music now,  
wrapped in our emotions and melodies
which have few boundaries 
and are timeless and placeless 
when in tune with changing times,
which for us, can be any time at all.

First published by Amomancies, Americana issue, 2015


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