It’s easy for me.

Even though I’ve planned it

and psyched myself up,

when I walk into the shop 

and see rail upon rail of stuff

it overwhelms me,

I can’t be bothered to look,

can’t be bothered

to sort through it all.

It takes only seconds for me to realise

that my jacket,

or jeans,

or coat,

or shirt

are good for a few more years.

It’s harder for those who shop as a hobby,

who get a buzz like a shot of tequila

from the pleasure of buying new,

especially when it’s so cheap,

but we’re drowning in it

all the stuff.

It’s squeezing us out of our homes,

filling up our land

stifling our oceans,

burning up our planet

with it’s non stop production

and speedy conversion to rubbish.

It’s those little things

and some people just don’t buy it!


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