Saturday 25 February 2023

 Game On

Even as a child she could play

a mean game of dominoes

sometimes it was just against her mother,

sometimes other members of the family as well,

or her friends and their mothers.

Games were always sedate,

well mannered, even tempered

dominoes carefully placed on the table

with a gentle click clack.

She usually won.

Later she discovered that the pub game

was quite different.

Every move was contested.

Dominoes were slammed down noisily 

with a bounce

which disturbed

those already placed

and led to heated debate

about where they had been

and where they should be now.

And there was always an audience 

which joined in as well

shouting advice

and abuse,

whichever was deemed appropriate.

Excitement mounted as the beer flowed.

And she won again.

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