In her dreams she would go to the ball.

She’d meet her prince.

and dance with him


so unforgettably

that he would search for her later,

search until his lost love was found again.

With a poetic little spell and a wave 

of her wand the fairy godmother 

made her dream come true.

We read it! 

We heard it!

We know it!

Well, we know that

the ball gown and transportation were sorted

but who the fuck

taught her to dance?

Cracked ankles..

crushed toes.. 

bruised feet..

these things

might have led to 

a different outcome.

Maybe the glass slippers were magic

and carried her, step perfectly

in time with the music.

But we should have been told

even in a fairy story,


in a fairy story

we should have been told.


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