Sunday, 1 August 2021

 In The Wilderness

I may be in the wilderness

but I’ve not lost my way.

It’s far too easy 

to keep to 

the road

the dirt road

the straight and narrow

the predictable

way through

this predictable landscape

each second

each minute

each hour

the same as the next.

And I know that

each day 

will be the same

until I stray

until I find a way

to escape this desert

of dust baked sand and clay

sand and clay 

and clay and sand

sun dried desiccated

and deserted 

dressed in it’s orange brown uniform.

If only I could see another way

if only a door would appear

to take me off piste,

a door that I could open

and pass through

into the unknown

where I could

lose myself

wet myself

in a muddy pool

and find the dark or the light.

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