A Bucketful Of Dreams

I’d always loved rainbows.

I knew that the sunlight made them

so I watched the rain showers eagerly

waiting.for the sun to shine again.

Then I was off 

in search of gold.

I wondered 

what form it would take,

a heap of coins

or golden pebbles

or perhaps bars

like chocolate 

wrapped in golden foil.

I would soon find out.

I took my bucket and followed 

the long and winding roads,

the steep and rocky roads,

I forded streams

and leapt ditches

and always I was too late,

only in time 

to watch, 

the rainbow fade away.

But this time was different.

I was there!

I really was!

I sat down,

and exhausted

with excitement

fell asleep.

When I woke

the rainbow had vanished

and the sun was blindingly bright.

I looked in my bucket

and there it was!


filling my bucket with light.

I carried it home




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