Penwen was thoughtful.

He’d heard that numbers of dolphins

had washed up dead 

with pieces of plastic in their bellies.

And not the ubiquitous micro

but chunks,

big chunks.

He shook his head and pursed his lips.

He knew that dolphins were mammals

and that mammals were said to be

the most intelligent of sea creatures,

yet they ate plastic!

He shook his head and pursed his lips.

Sometimes plastic bits had been blown into his pond

and he’d tested them for food worthiness

and spat them straight out,

so tasteless and with a tough unpleasant texture.

He’d rather eat raspberries,

well, perhaps not raspberries,

but fish food,

yes, he’d rather eat fish food.

He wouldn’t let his human friends know 

that this was an option though.

He was concerned about Brexit 

and wanted to make sure that 

their stockpile of chocolate biscuits

was adequate to see him through.

When they gave him a luscious big piece

he always gave them a big wet kiss in return.

They seemed to like it

and really it was no trouble,

they were so sweet.

They’d told him that he was very old

and that the oldest goldfish

had lived for forty four years.

He shook his head and pursed his lips.

He didn’t think he was quite there yet,

but one thing he knew for certain,

when he did eventually sink into 

the big pond in the sky,

no post-mortem would reveal 

plastic pieces in his belly.

Or raspberries.

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