Sunday, 24 November 2019

The In- Betweeners

We are the In-Betweeners
gathered round the fire.
The flames will cleanse,
they said,
make you fit
to fly.
And you can watch 
the ones below
a living fire
of the impure dead.

Gather round!
Listen to them 
as they crackle
and scream.
It’s only hot enough here
to purify, 
they said,
but it’s still too warm
much too warm
hot as hell it seems.
Only enough to purify, 
they said
hell is hotter,
surely not.

So here we are, 
the In-Betweeners 
too warm 
but still
not feeding the flames.
They say there’s a heaven 
that the pure can reach 
when they grow wings 
and fly above the flames
but how can they?
It’s too warm 
for wings
not to singe
not to frazzle

So gather round,
it’s here we’ll stay
too warm
but not in flames
and careful not to fall

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