Am I Dreaming?
Is this a dream, a mirage?
I could be sleeping.
I was looking out on trees
with rooks calling and nesting
when I started to eat
my picnic.
But am I asleep now?
The trees are dancing,
but no longer trees.
Young people from another time
are dancing to the music,
swaying to the music of the crows.
No longer crows though,
but fiddlers and singers
making raucous music
for the dancing.
So am I dreaming?
The cheese is real though,
and I’m still eating.
I’m still chewing the bread
and drinking the wine.
And I can feel a stone
against my back,
digging into me.
I’m sleepy now though.
Will they be there when I wake?
Or will I come back into life
to see the trees and rooks
as I clear away my picnic
and pack up.…/poetry-am-i-dreaming-red-roses-…/


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