Monday, 17 April 2017

Who Are You
Who are you?
Will I find you in your words,
the ones you write.
Or are you between the lines,
hiding there.
I think I can discern you there.
But you know me so well
maybe you control these spaces too.
Infiltrate them as well,
so well, that you can hide
there, in the spaces,
the hidden places,
between the lines,
between the words
I’m reading.
Perhaps I can read you
in the sounds.
the melodies,
the cacophonies
created by your words.
Are you there?
Maybe it's the language of your body
that will reveal you.
But not the practiced gestures,
the performance,
the masquerade.
I will have to slowly unpick the mask
and unwrap your dreams.
Then will I find you
and know who you are.
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