Thoughts on Swallowing a Butterfly

such a fragile incarnation
of what went before.
Warriors, according to the Mayans, 
dead warriors ready
to be transformed,
transformed into butterflies.
surely too fragile 
to make warriors,
too easily destroyed
in their new metamorphosis.
But  they can wait
for their next transformation
So take care if you swallow a butterfly.
vigorous egg layers
that can reproduce themselves,
mutating again to find
new ways to fight back,
to invade the invaders,
enslave the enslavers,
the new possibilities.
So take care if you swallow a butterfly.
And I can wait.
I have been waiting a long time
to see Henry Kissinger choke
on a butterfly.
I can wait.
Perhaps there’s still hope 
that the butterflies
will worm their way inside
and destroy them all.
I can wait.
So take care if you swallow a butterfly.

First published by Vanguard Press in Rise Anthology, 2017


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