Beauty Parlour
Step inside my parlour,
my pampering parlour.
You will be remade, reborn,
stroked and smoothed,
petted and prodded,
cosseted and curled,
given the attention you deserve
as well as a new face
and shiny new hair.
In Pampers Parlour we’ll recreate you.
We’ll reboot your confidence
and give you a new chemistry
as we gloss your hair and lips.
As we shape your face
with new shadows and glows.
As we apply layer upon layer
of chemical shit topped by
nose retching fragrances.
You won’t know yourself when
you step outside
dolled up to perfection,
protected in your new mask.
And what then?
Will you go home
and comb it all out
and wash it all off,
after all,
the person,
with the old skin
and fresh air colour
to the new robotic doll.
The pampers product is
designed to be disposable,
after all.
Or will you keep it
as long as you can..
Try not to move your new face.
Try not to upset your new hair.
Place a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign
on your forehead.
Keep it as long as you can.
Even if stinky and crusty,
you’ll still have your face on.
You feel
so bland,
so pale,
so wan,
without it
on the journey back
to the beauty parlour.
Published in Guide To Kulchur Creative Journal 6, 2016


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