Gaza 20th July 2014

Thirteen soldiers died today.
Soldiers not people.
People could not do it.
Could not do the things they did.
The thirteen dead and the rest who live.
Things in uniform obeying orders,
yes sir no sir-ing their way into oblivion.
They could do it.
They would do anything, if told to.

Humanity suspended or cuckooed.
Killing machines, destroyers of dreams,
burying them in the rubble with the bits.
With the bits of bodies, 
the hands and the feet,
the breasts and the balls.
Things in uniform.
Daleks of death.
They did it.
They killed every thing.

Maybe if enough things die
they will stop their slaughter.
Maybe if enough things die
they will become extinct
like the dodo,
the stuff of legend
like the unicorn.

I hope so.


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