Washed Away

        Cool cleansing water running over me,
        washing away my sins, my impurities,
        Cleaning me up, getting rid of the villainy
        and lack of chastity.
        Absolving me.

        But who’s to say they should be washed away,
        like the scruffiness of childhood innocence.
        Who should judge these scents and tastes and sweats 
        of a life cleanly and clearly remembered.
        What sins, what villainy?

        I wished they could remain unwashed and pure 
        retaining their essence within my reach.
        Hanging about me in my lived in face.
        A testament to my life, an affirmation.
        It didn’t take much water to remove them.
        But I was already clean.
        I can remember.

First published in Snapdragon “Your Wild And Precious Life”, September 2015




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